At Yosemite Veterinary Hospital we provide the following services for dogs, cats, rabbits and pocket pets.

Wellness Exams & Vaccinations
Programs in place to help your pet prevent illness
Dental Cleanings, Scaling, and Polishing
Services to avoid serious dental diseases
We offer Spay/Neuter, Mass Removal, Splenectomy, ACL repair, C-Sections, and more!
X-Ray technology that is safe for pets
Flea and Heartworm Prevention
Preemptive care for your pets
Pet Microchipping
Technology to keep your pets safe
Pet Euthanasia
The true meaning of the word "euthanasia," comes from the Greek word euthanatos, which means "good passing".
House Calls
We offer in home visits to treat your pets with great care.
A variety of medication offered to treat pets with most conditions.
In House Services
Diagnostic and Medical Services for diagnosing and treating pet health conditions.
Fertility Services
Progesterone Levels, Surgical Artificial Insemination, Reverse Progesterone Testing, and C-Sections


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